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Droid4X Setting Modifier 1.5.1

Droid4X Settings Modifier is s simple tool which you can modify the screen resolution, DPI, RAM, etc.

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Droid4X Setting Modifier 1.5.1

Droid4X Setting Modifier Review:

 Droid4X Settings Modifier is s simple tool which you can modify the screen resolution, DPI, RAM, etc. To change the settings, please input the number (like 1, 2 or 3) as shown on the screen.

 When Droid4X is not running, you will get the following options:

 Droid4X all versions
 Q2. Fix no Root grant: Fixing root permission

 Only for Droid4X 0.8.7 and older!
1. Modify the resolution and DPI: You can modify the resolution + DPI as listed in the tool. Before changing the resolution + DPI.
2. Modify the resolution: Same as 1.
3. Modify DPI: DPI is the screen pixel destiny, if you don't know what is DPI, do not modify this value. If the resolution is 1024x768 or below, set the DPI as: 240 
4. Modifying RAM: Input following number, auto ram conversion (1=1024M) (2=2048M) (3=3072M)  (3.75=3840M)
- 1G=1024M, 3.75GB is max: 2048, recommendations RAM: 640M ~ 2048M.
- Use less than 1G memory may make your emulator unstable or crash when playing game.
- Make sure ram < memory
- Default 1G ram is enough to run 3D game, pls assign approriately accrording to pc configration, max ram: 3.5G.
5. Modify CPU cores: The number of cores will directly affect the speed of the simulator, if not special needs, do not change this value. A minimum of 2 cores, up to the actual number of CPU cores
6. On\off the virtual softkeys: Activate/deactivate the virtual softkeys in Android OS. Default is 0 = Default 
7. Open VirtualBox Manager: Open VirtualBox program
9. Repair Oracle VM VirtualBox: Reinstall VirtualBox program
10. View Droid4X setting information: Shows the infomation of Droid4X
11. Enter VirtualBox directory: Set the path of Virtualbox in CMD if you want to modify Virtualbox using any possible commands (Advanced users only!)
12. Enter Droid4X directory Set the path of Droid4X in CMD if you want to modify Droid4X using any possible commands (Advanced users only!)
0. Update log & update address: Shows the changelogs of this tools (chinese only)

 When Droid4X is running, you can't make any changes. you can only view Droid4X status and information:

 1. Modify add connection port
 2. Connect Droid4X to ADB: You can use ADB for file transfer, Android Studio, etc.
 3. Connect Droid4X to ADB with ADB Shell command: Allow you to use command via ADB.
 4. Remount SD card: Remount SD card if you have any issue with an SD card
 6. See information about the connected Android devices:
 7. Enter VirtualBox directory
 8. Enter Droid4x directory
 9. Import-Package & Hosts file
 10. View Droid4X setting information
0. Update log ^& update address: Shows the changelogs of this tools (Chinese only)

If you want to modify the settings, turn off the emulator and then run the program

Changes on the new version:
v1.5.1 [2016.09.01]
1. [increase] Clear simulator password feature
2. [amended] to modify the device information does not support spaces in question

v1.5.0 [2016.06.15]
1. [increase] function to modify device parameters (IMEI / phone number / Andrews ID / phone models & manufacturers, etc., need to start the emulator)
2. [increase] data import function (need to go to the Debug menu)

v1.4.2 [2016.05.22]
1. [] parameters to optimize the run as administrator
2. [80% increase] repair card features

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